The Project Continues

As I developed more new work to add to the project, I found more and more that I needed to communicate my feelings about the futility of war and that we need to change our thinking about conflict. Although fragments of letters or text might still be integrated into some of the new work, it has become imperative to comment on the terrible ramifications of war.

April 1917; screenprinting on multiple pages from my grandmother's family bible; acrylic paint.


The written words are from a letter from Wm. Herdman, after the battle of Vimy Ridge:


"...for as you know, we came under some great difficulties sometimes while in France. This spring we went in a hundred and fifty strong and came out with less than half and that was just a few hours battle, but it was a fierce one. It was the day that the Canadians took Vimy Ridge. You would have thought that it was impossible for any man to live under such heavy artillery fire but there was no mercy shown that day. But however some of us came through alright, I'm thankful to say..."