Timmins Workshop

Early in November, I travelled to Timmins Ontario to teach a 1-day workshop in mixed media for the Timmins Museum. Using the theme of "Home", the group of 11 women did some brainstorming and came up with lots of ideas as to what home meant to them: comfort and love, safety, a state of mind, place where she grew up, landscape, etc.

For some artists, the image comes first, and the title is the last thing. I challenged the group to find words that best defined "home", using poetry as a means of finding an appropriate title that fit the concept. Like some songwriters, the lyrics or words would begin the process of creating the song and the music would follow. In this case, words came first and the artwork followed.

Small sketches were made to explore possible compositions. Images that could be used for collage were gathered and the gluing began! Slowly, the composition came to life. Some worked large, while others preferred smale scale.

Many became works in progress as 1 day was too short to get everything done.


Some were first-timers to mixed media.


Some were more experienced artists.

 By the end of the workshop, everyone had a good start on her piece and inspiration to continue the process.